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ZipZoom Dog Agility Kit – Outdoors


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Product Information

Bring dog agility to your own backyard or start training for competitions with the ZipZoom Dog Agility Kit for outdoors!

  • Inspires interactive fun
  • 3 obstacles for outdoor
  • Packaged in travel bag
  • 9 piece kit

Why We Love It:

This ZipZoom Agility Starter Kit for outdoors features a convenient travel bag, six 18-inch weave poles, hoop jump and tunnel. Everything you need to practice agility with your dog! Until about 9 months of age, a dog’s bones, muscles and joints are still developing. At this time, jumps should be kept very low to avoid putting stress on your puppy’s growing body. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, the developmental stage may be longer – so check with your vet before raising the high jump. Obstacles should be altered for dogs with back problems, and breeds that are prone to back issues. Along with lowering jumps, you can put more space in between weave poles to avoid putting undue stress on you dog’s back. Easy to follow instructions for assembly and getting started included.


IB# 61588

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