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  • Traveling Safely With Your Dog this Summer

    Traveling Safely With Your Dog this Summer With the warmer weather very quickly approaching, you’ll more than definitely be wanting to pack up and spend a few days or weeks away on a nice relaxing holiday. For the dog lovers out there, it has never been easier to bring your best friend along, and with […]
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  • ID Tags for your Pet

    Nearly 1000 pets in Canada alone go missing every day, and reuniting that pet with his owner can be difficult if there are no forms of identification present. Micro chipping should always be done from an early age, as this is a digital form of ID which can be read by any rescue center, veterinary […]
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  • Preparing your dog for fireworks

    Preparing your dog for fireworks Fireworks season can be a bit like Marmite, with many people loving it but lots of people also dreading it. If you own a pet that is scared of fireworks, chances are you are in the latter group. It is not unknown for dogs to clear otherwise perfectly high enough […]
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