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When choosing a puppy it is important to consider certain aspects of your lifestyle so that you find a dog that will compliment it. Consider the following five questions:

Dog2_1 Whether small or large some dogs are very active and require hours of exercise per day. If you are an active person who is looking for a walking or jogging companion a more active dog may be just right for you. Alternatively, if you prefer more leisurely mornings and evenings you may want to choose a dog that is either older or of a breed that is naturally less energetic. Getting to know the breeding of the dog you are considering and the traits of those breeds will assist you in determining a right fit.
Dog2_2 Do you have a large yard that can provide additional exercise or are you an apartment or condo dweller who will have to take the dog out even for bathroom visits? Some small breed dogs can be trained to use a litter box which can be ideal for apartment living. Even a litter trained dog should be given the opportunity to interact and investigate the outside world. Whether you have a large yard or not, taking your dog for walks throughout the day is an important part of their life. Dogs are very social animals who require interaction with their environment, other people, and other animals. Outings additionally reduce the risk of anxiety and fear related problems in your puppy.
Dog2_3 Puppies have higher energy levels and are more curious about their environment than their adult counterparts. Some older cats and dogs may become stressed by a new puppy. It is important to consider the personalities of existing animals and their comfort level with other pets. You may want to consider a slightly older puppy or young adult who has been properly socialized and will transition into your home more comfortably. It is important if there are children in the home that they understand how to properly interact with a puppy. Consider taking your puppy to training classes and including your children in the training. This will help everyone learn to interact safely and can be a lot of fun to do as a family.
Dog2_4 Dogs have a large variety of coats, from hair-like to fur and from long to short.  Long hair common in such breeds as Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu and thick coats found in breeds such as Husky, Border Collie, or German Shepherd require more maintenance and care than dogs with shorter coats including the Boxer, Bulldog or Labrador. All dogs will require some amount of grooming, be realistic with your time commitments and choose accordingly.
Dog2_5 Size does not equal energy level. Some small dogs require more exercise and have more energy than large breed dogs. It is important to consider how much time you will have to provide adequate exercise and your living arrangements when considering which dog is for you. Smaller breed dogs tend to have a much longer lifespan while some large breed dogs have a relatively short lifespan. Be sure you are ready for the commitment of their lifetime.


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