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Pamper your precious pal with this unique faux fur bed!

  • Versatile sleeping options!
  • Looks and feels like real fur!
  • Machine washable, line or air dry.

Why We Love It:
The Caramel Cocoa Tiger Dreamz Trundle is designed to mimic the feel, beauty, and softness of real fur. Pets naturally gravitate toward them; they’re perfect for cuddling and dozing off! The trundle bed may be used for the pet who loves to burrow or cuddle and can even be bunched up as a nest or tunnel! These beds can be used as beds, mats, crate pads, throws, and blankets. They’re perfect for every occasion!

Sizing Information

When folded like a cup, it measures 15″ in diameter.

Folded as a sleeping bag, the trundle measures 24″ long.

Fully extended, the trundle measures 24″ x 44″.


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