Puppy Care Tips

Getting a puppy for the first time is a very exciting time! However puppy care is not something you’re always thinking about, it’s something you definitely need to consider. There will be a few starting essentials you’ll need for when you first bring your new pup home and also many items that you might want to consider purchasing as well.

If you are a first time dog owner, peruse our lists below to make sure that you have everything you will need for your pup to be comfortable when he first arrives home. Even if you are a long time dog owner, it’s always important to remind ourselves what it’s like to have a puppy again and what some of the many essentials are that we will need.

Things You Will Need Right Away regarding Puppy Care Tips:

• a place for your dog to sleep, like a crate or a dog bed
• a dog food and water dish (Use ice cream pales as an easy fix for a big water dish)
• a leash and collar
• puppy or dog food
• a toy for your pup
• puppy pads if you choose to use them

Things You May Want to Get regarding  Puppy care Tips:

• a heating pad for a small or short haired breed that gets cold easily. You can stick one under a blanket and your pup will stay warm all night long!
• a sweater and booties to protect your pup for a winter walk
• more Puppy toys! this can include ropes, stuffy’s, chew treats, and any other toy designed for dogs
• Puppy care Treats! or consider making your own with one of our many Dog Treat Recipes

In order to properly care for your puppy you won’t just need the stuff and things but you’ll also need the knowledge to train your pup. Look over our Dog Training Information section to find helpful hints, tips and ways to train your pooch. Also take a look at puppy potty training for helpful information on potty training a new puppy.

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