Traveling Safely With Your Dog this Summer

Travelling Safely With Your Dog this Summer

Traveling Safely With Your Dog this Summer

With the warmer weather very quickly approaching, you’ll more than definitely be wanting to pack up and spend a few days or weeks away on a nice relaxing holiday. For the dog lovers out there, it has never been easier to bring your best friend along, and with a huge range of dog travel accessories now available, it is easy to ensure that your dog travels safely and in comfort.

Traveling with your dog in the car can be a traumatic experience, for both canine and owner, especially if your dog is hyperactive in the car, scared of traveling or car sick. The first and possibly most important factor to take into consideration is how secure your pet is whilst traveling. Dog travel cages and car harnesses not only ensure your dogs safety, but yours as well in the unfortunate event of a bump or crash.

Dog travel cages are ideal for longer journeys, as your pet will have somewhere they can rest and relax. They’re also great for keeping your car clean and fur-free as the crates can easily be wiped clean. When choosing a crate, try to ensure that your dog will have adequate room to stand, turn around and lie down without feeling cramped. For your dog’s health and safety, they should never be left alone in your car, even when in a crate.

Other great, invaluable dog travel accessories include non-spill water bowls, to ensure your dog has access to fresh clean water at all times, and window vents and sunscreens, great for keeping your pooch cool during scorching weather. It’s important to make sure that no matter the length of the journey – long or short – that your dog’s health and well being is your top priority.

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